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Classic dice game Yahtzy LIVE now available for free on Google Play and Windows Store

  • Опубликовано: 18.01.2015

Schwerte, Germany — January 16, 2015 – With Yahtzy LIVE, the publisher b-interaktive brings the world’s best known dice game in a multiplayer version to Android smartphones and tablets and Windows 8 devices. The classic game that excited generations of both young and old can now be downloaded for free on Android and Windows 8.
Yahtzy LIVE brings the popular dice game to smartphones and tablets, providing long-lasting fun for you and your friends from all over the world. Thanks to the original Schmidt Spiele rules, both Yahtzy fans and beginners can dive right in and dice for all they’re worth. Finding opponents for an enjoyable match is quick and easy; whether you’re looking for them via Facebook, email, or the contact list on your smartphone or tablet, there’s always someone to play with. Additionally, in the Random Mode, with just one button press players can challenge and play in real time with opponents from all over the world.
There’s also a chat function — players can communicate and share their personal dice strategies among themselves. The leaderboard shows who’s currently on top of the weekly, monthly, and all-time highscore lists in the Yahtzy community. Numerous achievements and daily challenges add a twist to the Yahtzy formula. Yahtzy LIVE is a cross-platform, completely free game financed only by advertising, with absolutely no in-app purchases.

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